A mixed folk dance group has existed in Märjamaa town of Rapla County since 1951. Under the name of "Hopsani" we have been dancing since 1991.

The group consists of 18 youthful and cheerful members at the age of 15-62. The leaders of “Hopsani” are Ilona Noor and Riho Pohla who have started in the same group as dancers. Our repertoire is of wide range – including both folkloristic and contemporary stage dances. The most characteristic of us are fast folk dances danced full of great joy.

We have performed at various festivals in Estonia (National Dance Festivals, ESTO-days, Beer Summers etc.), but the energetic dances of “Hopsani” haven’t missed several smaller parties and concerts as well. We have danced in Finland , Sweden , Latvia , Hungary and Belgium .

In 2001 “Hopsani” was presented with the Cultural Award of Rapla County.